Our office is equipped with the most up to date equipment to ensure your eye health. At each visit, a complete history is taken and evaluated by the doctors. Further testing is performed according to the eye condition present.


You can trust that when you get a comprehensive eye health evaluation from Optical Gallery, you are getting the entire picture of the health of your eye, and yourself. 

Early detection of such diseases as Macular Degeneration, Glaucoma, or retinal problems. We can also detect early stages of diabetes. 

3D imagery of the inside of your eye helps the doctors truly evaluate the total health of your eye

We all want to protect our eyesight and that is why it is important to have annual vision tests. These checks allow us to detect changes in the front of your eye so that alterations can be made to your eyeglass or contact lens prescription.. However, we also need to inspect the back of your eye, the retina, to check if it is healthy, damaged, or showing signs of disease.   When detected  at  an early stage, many diseases can be treated without any further loss of vision.

 At our office, we are able to:


•Detect and diagnose refractive anomalies (nearsighted, farsighted, astigmatism)


•Detect, diagnose, and treat Glaucoma


•Detect, diagnose, and treat "red" eye and "pink" eye


•Detect, diagnose, and treat most eye injuries


•Remove corneal foreign bodies and rust rings


•Detect, diagnose, and co-manage cataracts


•Detect and diagnose diabetic retinopathy


•Detect and diagnose hypertensive retinopathy 



Dilation of your eyes is a TEMPORARY INCONVENIENCE; however, the benefits far outweigh the inconvenience. The pupil of the eye is the "window of the human body". The use of dilation drops temporarily investigate the health of your eyes and many important aspects of your general health.